Jet Bag Bold – Travel Safely with Wine Price: $14.99 $11.99 (as of 17/08/2019 11:28 PST- Details)

Safely pack wine or other spirits in your suitcase and bring them home without risk of a broken bottle ruining your clothes.

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Traveling with wine-or other liquids-is a tricky prospect at best. The Jet Bag provides a safe way to bring wine or other spirits home while traveling.

Heightened security and restrictions mean your wine purchases end up in your checked luggage. How do you protect your wine when your suitcase is thrown on to luggage belts and jostled inside airplanes? Jet Bags are the answer!

The JetBag is the perfect way to transport wine (or any other liquids) in your suitcase when traveling. A resealable, recyclable and reusable carrier with a zip top closure, the JetBag completely secures your liquids. Lined with a protective and absorbent materials, the JetBag pads and helps protect your bottle from breakage-and absorbs the liquid should something still cause damage to the bottle. The JetBag is an inexpensive and lightweight solution to give you the ultimate protection for your breakable purchases-and you don’t have to limit its use to wine. The JetBag is also a great way to transport liquor, perfume, vinegar-any liquid contained in a breakable bottle.

Our Take on the Jet Bag

If you’re heading to any area of the world where you might be tempted to bring home a bottle of wine or spirits, the Jet Bag is a cheap insurance policy. Having experienced a broken wine bottle or two in our luggage, the cost of not using the Jet Bag is honestly too high. Weighing only a few ounces, we always have two or three of them living in the front pocket of our luggage.

When comparing the Jet Bag vs other wine diapers on the market, it is definitely the leader. While the Jet Bag does provide some extra padding, we do still pack wine bottles carefully to prevent breakage. From experience, we can say that the bag will absorb the contents of a bottle of wine.

Here’s a video of the JetBag in action:

  • SET OF THREE – Includes (3) Jet Bags to help protect bottles of wine, liquor, perfume, vinegar, and other liquids during travel.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Zipper top bag seals and ABSORBS up to 750 ml of wine (equivalent to a standard size bottle!)
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – and the bag is resealable, reusable, and recyclable!
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Folds up and stores easily so it’s always ready to go. Comes with a built-in carrying handle. Keep in your luggage, vehicle, drawer, glove compartment or wherever you find useful.
  • GUARANTEE – 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee!

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