Travel Gift Ideas for 2017 – Our Top 20 Travel Gifts

Looking for travel gift ideas for a traveler on your list this holiday season? We pulled together our top 20 travel gift ideas based travel accessories, gadgets, clothing, and equipment that we travel with on a regular basis.

Many lists of the best travel gifts for 2017 are full of gimmicky gifts that will never get used, over priced items that are less than practice, or every day items that you may just end up bringing with you on a trip. This list of travel gift ideas is focused on items that will actually get used over and over again. Many of the items on this list wind up in my suit case every time I point my feet toward the airport.

So with out further ado, let’s get started!

Top Travel Gift Ideas for 2017

1. Packing Cubes – $30 to $50

Travel Gifts - Packing Cubes

Perfect for the organized traveler, packing cubes are a great addition to anyone’s luggage. There are quite a few of options on the market today. Packing Cubes from AmazonBasics or eBags provide great starter sets for around $30. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes provide an excellent light weight option at a little over $30.  If space is a concern, packing cubes from Lean Travel are a good option for just over $40.

Regardless of which set you choose, any frequent traveler will be able to make good use of a new set of packing cubes.

2. Eagle Creek Garment Folder – $30

Eagle Creek Garment Folder

Similar to packing cubes, the Eagle Creek Garment folder is excellent for keeping suit cases organized and wrinkles at bay. Each garment folder can hold a handful of button down shirts or pants and keeps ironing to a minimum. I always use one, sometimes two, of these to keep shirts looking sharp. For around $30, the Eagle Creek Garment Folder is an excellent travel gift.

3. Anker PowerCore Power Bank – $25

Anker Power Bank

Low batteries, hunting for an outlet, or trying to find a plug adapter are travel woes we have all experienced. An excellent travel gift idea is this Anker PowerCore power bank. It’s small power to size ratio means it packs easily and can re-charge an iPhone to full power more than 3 times.

This is by and far the best power bank I have owned.

4. Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask – $10

Bucky Sleep Mask

Know someone who is always desperate to get some shut eye on long flights? This is the sleep mask to end all sleep masks. It is contoured around each eye to eliminate pressure and make sleeping more comfortable. As a bonus, it comes in 22 different colors and patterns. For only $10, this one is a no brainer.

5. Personalized Luggage Tags – $25

Personalized Luggage Tag

This travel gift idea is pretty cool. Luggage tags are a great way to make your bag stand out on the baggage return belt. Why not use one of these classy customized tags?

Consider just adding a name, email, and phone number if you’re worried about the tag no longer being accurate after a move.

6. Amazon Fire TV – $40 to $70

Fire TV

This travel gift idea is a fun one. The Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV is an excellent travel accessory that you may never have thought of. Searching for something to watch at a hotel can often be frustrating. The channel line ups are limited, rarely is there anything on demand, and forget watching any type of out of network sport.

Bringing along an Amazon Fire TV Stick is the perfect solution. Simply plug the Fire TV Stick into the hotel room’s TV, connect it to the hotel’s wi-fi, and access all of your favorite shows or movies through the different streaming services it supports. The traveler on your list will need a NetFlix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu account (among many others) to access content.

Best of all, the Fire TV Stick pulls double duty. You can use it both at home and on the road!

7. Quick Drying Travel Towel – $20

Travel Gift - Pack Towel

Typically found with camping and hiking gear, a quick drying towel is also an excellent travel accessory. It takes up minimal space in a suitcase, will dry in only a few hours, and is perfect for an impromptu trip to the beach.

Anyone planning on doing a little hiking while traveling, or spending considerable time in a hostel, will truly enjoy having one of these in their suit case.

8. Smartphone Gimbal – $140

Travel Gift - Smart Phone Gimbal

Have a traveler in mind that loves to shoot movies on their phone? Adding a gimbal to their travel bag will transform those videos from shaky and unwatchable to pro-level smooth. A gimbal stabilizes a smart phone on 3 axis accommodating for shaky hands, bumpy vehicles, or walking while shooting. A gimbal can also provide smooth panning and subject following.

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal is a good option for most smartphones. It works with both iOS and Andriod phones and includes pan and zoom functions.

9. The JetBag Wine Protector – $15

The Jet Bag - Travel Gift

Know a traveler that loves wine? Yup, I’m pretty sure every traveler loves wine.

The JetBag is a the perfect way to bring wine home safe, without worrying about staining your clothes a deep burgundy red. This seal-able plastic bag with an absorbent lining is designed to soak up the entire contents of a bottle of wine should it break while in transit. Gone are the days of rolling wine up in your favorite sweater, the JetBag provides some very affordable assurance against ruined clothes.

Wondering if this bag boy actually works? So were we. Check out our full JetBag wine protector review and see for yourself. We smash a bottle of wine inside the JetBag to see what happens. Don’t worry, no good wine was harmed in the filming of this review.

10. A Subscription to National Geographic Traveler or Travel + Leisure – $15

There is nothing better than getting your monthly dose of travel inspiration. An easy and affordable gift is a subscription to a travel focused periodical. It today’s digital age, there is something novel about enjoying a print magazine. It also makes for great reading on a long flight.

Two of my favorites are Travel + Leisure and National Geographic Travel. Each provide excellent adventure stories, ideas for your next trip, and amazing views into far off destinations.

11. DJI Mavic Pro Drone – $900

Travel Gift - DJI Mavic Pro

Looking to go big on the perfect gift for the photographic traveler? A drone is on the top of the list in terms of travel gift ideas for every shutterbug that has an appetite for adventure. While drones have been on the market for a few years now, the DJI Mavic Pro is truly the first professional grade drone made specifically for travelers.

The Mavic Pro has a range over 4 miles, battery life around 30 minutes, and a built in 4k camera that is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. Most importantly though, the Mavic Pro folds down to an impressively small size. It ends up being about the of a water bottle. This means it can easily be thrown into a bag and taken anywhere with you. The ultimate goal of an adventure traveler.

12. The Tilley Hat – $80 to $160

Perfect Travel Gift - Tilley Hat


That is the only way to describe the Tilley hat. It is the iconic travel hat. Chosen for everything from safaris in the Serengeti to exploring the rain forests of the Amazon. If your looking for travel gift ideas for an adventurous traveler, this is a good one.

Tilley hats are high quality, precision sized hats, that are perfect for travelers. Not only will the stand the test of time, but they also have a laser focus on travelers. They even have a hidden pocket for a little extra cash or a room key.

13. JOBY GorillaPod Tripod – $40

Joby GorillaPod

It doesn’t matter if the traveler on your list is a professional photographer, or just snaps shots with with their smartphone, the GorillaPod is an excellent addition. This specific GorillaPod is big enough for a DSLR camera, but they have versions in all sizes.

The great thing about the GorillaPod is that you can make almost any structure the base for your camera. I recently shot an epic time laps video by strapping a GorillaPod to the railing of a cruise ship as we entered the bay of Kotor, Montenegro. Not only was it super easy to shoot the video, but other passengers kept asking me for a link to the video once it was posted.

14. A Packable Duffle Bag – $25

This packable duffle bag will pay for itself after your first overweight bag. It has happened to all of us–you put your bag on the scale, it is slightly overweight, and then you spend the next 10 minutes pulling your luggage apart to shift weight to other bags. UGH.

This packable duffle bag gives travelers an easy way to bring home some extra souvenirs, or a vessel to shift weight into. This specific packable duffle is rather large, so it can help the traveler on your list bring home an excellent bounty of souvenirs.

15. Pelican Memory Card Case – $20

Memory Card Case - Travel Gift Idea

Another excellent item for someone serious about photography, or someone going on a longer trip, is a memory card case. Loosing a memory card is one of my worst nightmares. They are so small that they can be misplaced quickly. Carrying your precious memories in a water resistant case not only protects them from dust, rain, or a splash into the ocean, but also makes your memory cards much easier to located.

This Pelican case can hold 12 SD cards, 6 mini-SD cards, and 6 micro-SD cards. Its perfect for someone who carries a GoPro camera along with a larger camera as it can hold multiple card formats. For only around $20 the Pelican Memory Card Case is excellent insurance against damaged or lost memory cards.

16. A PurSteam Travel Steamer – $25

Travel Steamer

I hate to iron. Not only do I loath to pull out an ironing board in a hotel room, but I’m also pretty bad at it. And frankly, I don’t want to get any better through practice.

Enter the travel steamer! Got some wrinkles in your clothes? Hang them up, heat this bad boy up (only takes 90 seconds), and steam those wrinkles away. This may sounds a bit gimmicky as an item to bring along on a trip, but I don’t venture off without one anymore.

The PurSteam travel steamer does an excellent job freshening up pants, shirts, dresses, or blazers in no time.

17. A Passport Case that also Charges a Phone – $40

Passport Phone Charger Case

As far as travel gift ideas go, the passport case is usually somewhere to be found. This isn’t your typical passport case though. This case doubles as a phone charger and travel organizer all in one.

While traveling, it is much easier to keep track of one case that has all of your important documents in it–passport, currency, credit cards, flight tickets, and your cell phone. This case does that with a zip closure to ensure nothing inadvertently falls out.

Best of all, the passport holder is a simple sleeve. This makes it easy to take the passport out of the case to scan or provide to a customs agent. Why full passport covers exist is beyond me since you will always need to take your passport out of its case to use.

18. Pack-able Tarriss Luggage Scale – $15

Digital Luggage Scale

Nothing is worse that going to check a bag at the airport only to find that it is overweight. Pay a hefty fee or start shuffling your belongings around.

A simple luggage scale can prevent this from ever happening again. Weigh your bag at home to know where it stands, and bring the scale along with you to make sure all of those souvenirs you bought won’t weigh you down.

19. The Andyer Foot Rest – $10

Andyer Foot Rest for Travel

Here is $10 well spent. This travel foot rest slides over the try table of the seat in front of you on an airplane. You can then adjust its positioning to elevate your feet and get into a more comfortable position in one of those cramped coach seats.

Pair this with the Bucky Sleep Mask mentioned above and you’ve got a good chance for catching some shut eye on a long-haul flight.

20. Combo Voltage Converter / Power Strip – $45

Travel Voltage Converter

No list of travel gift ideas is complete without some type of power adapter! Here is one of my favorites.

In the world of power converters, there are two types–plug adapters and voltage converters. Many countries run on 220 volts while US electronics are designed to run on 110 volts. Plug adapters will simply change the shape of the outlet and won’t adjust the voltage to properly run your electronics. Power converters will do both.

This BesTek travel converter goes one step further and provides 3 outlets and 4 USB charging ports. One of the biggest issues with power converters and plug adapters is that you don’t want to have to carry more than one. This converter solves that by allowing you to use or charge multiple electronic devices all at once.

The one big caveat here is that this voltage converter is not compatible with high wattage electronics like hair driers, curling irons or straighteners, or hot pots. For those, you’ll want a 1875 watt voltage converter like this one.

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