Hotel Review: The Inn at Mill Falls – Church Landing

New Years Day this year was exponentially more than just a new day with a fresh year tacked on the end. We accidentally had an adventure that lead us to many firsts, including what is currently our favorite Inn in New Hampshire. We enjoyed a quick bite of exquisite cuisine, heavily poured cocktails and cozy accommodations with a side of mutually amorous conversation; oh yeah and the stunning view from our room didn’t hurt either,could have been straight from a Monet. But let me back up and start from the beginning…

After a fun, despite somewhat mundane, New Years Eve we set off to visit friends in the wilderness of New Hampshire. I was in the process of planning to move to Boston and our good friends were going to guide me on my search, so we were eager to visit their remote New Hampshire farmhouse and soak in the necessary details of the greater Boston real estate market. Upon leaving our rather plain New Years resort accommodations I received a message from our friends stating that they were not quite ready for us, could we wait until 4 or 5 that evening? Given the opportunity to explore the scenic highways of New Hampshire we happily accepted the change in plans and focused our search on a suitable lunch destination. Our friends most apologetically provided a laundry list of lunching choices and at random we chose The Lakehouse Grille for its location on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Church Landing

Church Landing

When we arrived I immediately remembered Church Landing from a past summer’s brief vacation to New Hampshire. I was instantly excited and ready to quell my rumbling stomach after two hours rolling around in the car. We wandered in and were warmly greeted by the hostess who regretfully informed us that the dining room was currently closed, being between the hours of three and five o’clock but that we were free to sit at the bar and indulge in their bar menu. The bar menu by the way, is anything but bar food. We nibbled on refreshing steakhouse salad and creamy lobster bisque accompanied by delicious and highly alcohol-laden martinis. Yum!

I’m not quite sure what sort of potion they slip into their martinis, but two martinis later we had subsequently decided to treat ourselves to one more cocktail and a night at the Inn, our friends would have to wait until tomorrow.

After a brief discussion with the concierge we found ourselves sipping cocktails, feet up in front of a crackling fire, overlooking lovely Lake Winnipesaukee; to say it was romantic would be a gross understatement.

Lake Winnipesaukee

The view of Lake Winnipesaukee from our room on a foggy evening.

The room was immaculate with warm inviting furniture, cleanliness up to my unreasonable standards and the most comfortable bed in which I have ever had the pleasure of spending the night. I am still trying to hunt down the specifics of their mattress topper and Egyptian cotton sheets for replication on our own bed at home. I was aware that New England was known for warm accommodation, enveloping beds and in-room fireplaces but I had no idea that a late lunch backup plan could be transformed into what felt like a smoothly executed vacation itinerary and the single most romantic adventure of my life, to date. Perhaps they do put something in the drinks after all?

So to make a long story short, we will be back to the Inns at Mills Falls, probably frequently as they continually have sales, promotions and enticing deals for dining and accommodation.

We can thank Church Landing for a lovely weekend, the inspiration for further exploration of New England’s Inns and an unexpected romantic spark to the weekend.


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