Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Tokyo – The Lost in Translation Hotel

Tokyo’s Park Hyatt hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world. It reached iconic status by being featured in the movie Lost in Translation, but was known to world travelers as one of the nicest hotels in Tokyo long before. Although the Park Hyatt Tokyo is one of the most excellent hotels in the world’s largest city, is it worth it to stay there? In this Park Hyatt Tokyo review I’ll take a look at the location, service, and our room at the Tokyo Park Hyatt, as well as how we received a discount on our stay.

To kick off this Park Hyatt Tokyo review, here is a tour of our room–a Park Deluxe King:

The Location

The Park Hyatt Tokyo is in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, which provides easy access to both nightlife and Tokyo’s expansive public transportation network. In some reviews, people have commented that the location is too far from Tokyo’s attractions, but we felt the location was prime. Close enough to get where we wanted to go quickly (or stumble home), but in a quieter business district that didn’t have the insane hustle and bustle of other areas.

The hotel itself is on the upper floors of a skyscraper and was a bit hard for us to find when first arriving in Tokyo. We were on foot but had we taken a cab the driver would have gotten us there in a heart beat. It’s a short walk from Shinjuku station, so a cab was hard to justify.

Once we had our bearings, we appreciated of the distinctive shape of the building. It meant we could quickly look at the skyline and point our feet in the right direction! We never had an issue finding our way home.

The Service

Although the rooms are nice, I think the service is what sets the Park Hyatt Tokyo apart. Japanese culture is well known for their hospitality, but the service we received at the Park Hyatt was better than anywhere else we stayed in Japan.

The concierge arranged transportation, changed currency (at a reasonable rate), helped us understand Japanese some of the customs, and recommended his favorite ramen shops to us. The housekeeping staff scheduled our daily cleanings with us. The bellhops carried our fully packed Rolling Thunders up and down more flights of stairs than they needed to.

Moreover, everyone spoke excellent English. We felt very much at home, and we were glad to have an ally in the world’s largest city.

The Room

We reserved a Park Deluxe room using our Founders Card and received a very competitive rate. The room was large, clean, well appointed, and had an excellent view.

We felt very fortunate to have such a large and comfortable room in Tokyo. Many of our friends that were traveling with us had cramped rooms at other hotels. That seems to be the norm in Japan.

The mini-bar, which is probably the most photographed mini-bar in the world, was well stocked. Scotch drinkers, however, will be out of luck. An excellent selection of Japanese single malts is available instead.

One thing that was a bit surprising was how western the food was at the Tokyo Park Hyatt. We ordered room service for breakfast most days, and they were very prompt. When delivering the food, they took great pains to set up a formal table for us to eat at. It was probably the best view over breakfast that I’ve ever had.

The gym was one of the best hotel gyms I’ve been to. It was on the top floor and had a lap pool, free weights, lots of machines, a spa, and an excellent view.

During our stay, we did head up to the Park Hyatt’s rooftop restaurant, the New York Bar and Grill. The restaurant was a common scene in Lost In Translation. Although we didn’t see Bill or ScarJo up there, we did enjoy an amazing jazz performance while gazing at the city lights.

A nice glass of Japanese whiskey and a cigar at the New York Bar and Grill is an excellent way to cap off a night at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a distinct experience while staying in Tokyo, the Park Hyatt is the place to be. Although the cost is about twice what you would pay at other hotels, the service and space you receive is worth it. Do a little digging around for discounts and the price quickly becomes competitive.

Next time I travel to the land of the rising sun, I’ll definitely be checking in at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo.

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