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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Wine: How to Pack Wine in your Luggage

Flying with wine

One of the best souvenirs money can buy is bringing home a bottle of wine. Not only does the wine allow you to relive your experience, but it is a great excuse to share your stories with your friends. But flying with wine is a source of great anxiety for even the most well traveled individuals. Not only does packing wine in your luggage create the risk of broken wine bottles, but you could also ruin everything else in your suitcase. Having brought home a fair number of wine bottles in my checked baggage I’ve certainly stumbled across a few approaches that work,

Skyroam Hotspot Review – Stay connected while traveling aboard

Skyroam Hotspot Review

The Skyroam global hotspot is a small cellular device that provides internet connectivity in more than 120 countries across the world. Designed with the occasional traveler in mind, the Skyroam hotspot does not have any monthly subscription fees and the data is unlimited during your session. Fast internet, on demand, at an affordable price–it sounds too good to be true! There are a lot of travel bloggers out there that will write Skyroam hotspot reviews claiming the device “changed their lives.” This Skyroam hotspot review will test if the global hotspot really can stand up to its claims.

Travel Gift Ideas for 2017 – Our Top 20 Travel Gifts

Top Travel Gift Ideas for 2017

Looking for travel gift ideas for a traveler on your list this holiday season? We pulled together our top 20 travel gift ideas based travel accessories, gadgets, clothing, and equipment that we travel with on a regular basis. Many lists of the best travel gifts for 2017 are full of gimmicky gifts that will never get used, over priced items that are less than practice, or every day items that you may just end up bringing with you on a trip. This list of travel gift ideas is focused on items that will actually get used over and over again. Many of the items on this list wind up in my suit case every time I point my feet toward the airport.

Thule Covert DSLR Camera Backpack Review

Thule Covert Backpack Review

The Thule Covert DSLR camera backpack is a unique rolltop backpack that is great for traveling photographers. It has ample room for a DSLR camera and a few extra lenses, it has a dedicated compartment for your laptop or tablet, and it has lots of extra pockets for your accessories or other belongings. Most importantly, the backpack itself, as its name would suggest, does not look like your average camera backpack. This is especially useful if you are traveling to areas where carrying an expensive camera could make you a target. If you find this Thule Covert backpack review helpful please consider purchasing yours on Amazon through this link.

The North Face Rolling Thunder Luggage Review

North Face Rolling Thunder Luggage Review

I’ve been pulling The North Face Rolling Thunder luggage around with me for a while. My Rolling Thunder and I have logged well over 100,000 miles together in the air, along with quite a few road trips as well. I thought it was time to share a luggage review to help others understand if it is a good bag for them. So here we go!

The North Face Rolling Thunder Luggage Review

5 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for the Traveler in your Life

5 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for the Traveler in your Life

Have a traveler in your life? Looking for a great small gift around $20 or less? From practical to fun, here are five gifts any traveler will love.

1. Luggage scale

We’ve all been there, standing in front of hundreds of passengers waiting in the bag drop line, awkwardly unpacking a suitcase because it is 1 pound overweight. A luggage scale is a great way to avoid this experience. At about $10 it also makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who travels on the regular.Weigh your bag before a business trip to make sure you’re safe,

5 Must Have Accessories for Traveling With a Backpack

5 Must Have Accessories for Traveling With a Backpack

I recently put together a quick guide for selecting the perfect travel backpack, and it dawned on me that picking out your bag is really just the first step of the process. The next step is trying to figure out what to put into that backpack. Traveling with non-traditional luggage does present some different challenges, like having nothing but wrinkled clothes, but they can be easily overcome with a few simple (and inexpensive) accessories–each one designed to make traveling a little easier.

Traveling Fast and Light: Tips for Selecting the Perfect Travel Backpack

Not every trip is well suited for your standard rolling luggage. Flying home for the holidays, spending a week in the Caribbean, or a quick business trip are all excellent opportunities to put some miles on your roller. Taking that roller on a multi-destination adventure in far-off lands, however, may just bog you down. When you’re making multiple connections and using many different forms of transportation on your trip (planes, boats, buses, or donkeys) you can save time and headaches by selecting a travel backpack instead of traditional luggage.