Points and Miles

What to do with Unused Airline Miles or Unused Airline Points

What to do with unused airline miles

Today we’re going to take a look at what to do with with those pesky unused airline miles sitting in your account when you don’t have enough saved up to book a free flight. This is a problem that every traveler faces and it can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you just booked an award flight and you have a small number of miles left over. Maybe you took a flight on an airline you don’t typically fly so you only have one flight’s worth of reward miles. Regardless of how you got here, those miles have value, and if you can’t use them,

5 Tips for Exchanging Foreign Currency Abroad like a Travel Master

Exchanging Foreign Currency

Exchanging foreign currency abroad can often be an intimidating topic for first-time global travelers. Rates can be confusing, there are often extra fees, and it is hard to be confident that you got a good deal. Every traveler has his or her preferences when it comes to exchanging currency abroad, here are a few tips (and stories) based on some of my personal experiences.

1 – What is the difference between a bank rate and a spot rate?

First, a little foreign exchange (or FX for short) 101. The first thing that will often trip up travelers is the actual rate that they are exchanging their currency.

A Year of Airline Loyalty – Is it Worth it to Earn Elite Status

There is no question that having elite airline status has value–first class upgrades, free checked bags, priority boarding, the list goes on. For business travelers earning status through airline loyalty is a right of passage. It’s also simple to achieve airline status while traveling on someone else’s dime. But here’s the question:

Is achieving airline elite status worth it for personal travel?

Taking a look back at my travels from 2015 I flew over 50,000 miles! That’s enough to earn mid-tier elite status on almost any airline. But as someone who travels mostly for leisure I typically pick the flights that best fit my budget,

How to Tell if a Flight Cost is Reasonable

How to tell if a flight cost is resonable

Every single time you buy a plane ticket you’re likely wondering if your flight cost is reasonable, and you’re asking a familiar series of questions: How do i know if this flight cost is reasonable?  Will airline prices go down soon? Is this the best time to buy my ticket? When is the cheapest time of year to fly? Many travelers spend a considerable amount of time try to find those hacked fares or search for guides about how to game the system. In reality, unless you enjoy 12 hour layovers, most of those tactics are just as they’re described–hacks.