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Key West, Florida – A Weekend Adventure

Key West, Florida – A Weekend Adventure

What appeals to travelers most about Key West? Specifically, what exactly are you looking for in the experience? Posh eateries? Upscale boutiques? Maybe a good spa? (These are details I love on my travels but not items for which Key West is known.) Think New Orleans meets the Bahamas. I spent time there on various trips as a child but my memories are fuzzy. The 8 year old in me remembered warm sand, unusually giddy grown-ups and loads of ice cream. As it turns out, these were things that charmed me as an adult on this trip too. Happiness is infectious and Key West is brimming with it.

Hotel Review: The Hermitage Inn – West Dover, VT

The Hermitage Inn, our fourth inn and the catalyst for a vexing habit I’ve found myself adopting… procrastination. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the, “I just don’t have time” and “that can wait until tomorrow,” mantra. All of the things that get in the way of being productive: exercising, family, the holidays, eating, working, napping, shopping, cleaning the house, painting one’s nails, daydreaming, watching the golden globes… So I sit down after far too much evading the topic to write this post, something I have actually been excited about writing since I got in the car to head home.

Hotel Review: The Wentworth Inn – Jackson, NH

We were invited several weeks ago up to New Hampshire by a friend of mine to join her on a hike of Mt. Washington, an annual tradition for her family. Having missed our vacation last March and failing to conquer our hike of Mt. Lincoln on the Lincoln-Lafayette loop over the summer (infuriating summertime, snow-covered dead president!) we jumped at the chance to take on the highest mountain in northeastern U.S. Since it is a bit of a drive to North Conway and the mountain from the city, we decided to take a mini vacation for a romantic weekend in the mountains.

Hotel Review: The Red Lion Inn – Cohasset, MA

The Red Lion Inn

10K run, cuisine hunt, road trip and of course the prospective inn adjudication. Divine exhaustion! Actually, I was excited for the weekend of April 3rd and couldn’t wait to head down to The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, MA. The Inn presented an intriguing puzzle and I am extremely fond of puzzles.

Hotel Review: The Inn at Mill Falls – Church Landing

Inn at Mill Falls

New Years Day this year was exponentially more than just a new day with a fresh year tacked on the end. We accidentally had an adventure that lead us to many firsts, including what is currently our favorite Inn in New Hampshire. We enjoyed a quick bite of exquisite cuisine, heavily poured cocktails and cozy accommodations with a side of mutually amorous conversation; oh yeah and the stunning view from our room didn’t hurt either,could have been straight from a Monet. But let me back up and start from the beginning… After a fun, despite somewhat mundane, New Years Eve we set off to visit friends in the wilderness of New Hampshire.